Curran: Biggest surprise is Revis' pay cut

Curran: Biggest surprise is Revis' pay cut
March 13, 2014, 1:15 am
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The biggest surprise is not that Darrelle Revis became a New England Patriot. The biggest suprise, says Patriots insider Tom E. Curran, is that he took a pay cut to do it.

"[The surprise] has to be that they got Darrelle Revis to come down from that $16 million salary that he had negotiated when he joined the Tampa Bay Bucaneers," Curran said on SportsNet Central. "He had said before he was released at 4 p.m. Wednesday he would not drop his salary. Maybe that was a ploy [to force the Bucs to release him]."

It allowed Revis to control his own destiny, rather than have the Bucs trade him.

"There are few businessmen who put on a helmet better than Darrelle Revis," Curran said.

Is Revis, who turns 29 in July, still at the top of his game? Curran was asked.

"He's still by far the best cornerback in the league," Curran said.

Curran said Revis is a classic physical cornerback.

"He's strong, fast, tremendous change of direction," Curran said. "He kind of had a year off playing in Tampa Bay in their Cover-2."

Curran said one of the biggest advantages Revis has over Aqib Talib, who left the Patriots to sign with the Broncos, prompting the Revis deal, is Revis' health compared to the oft-injured Talib.

"You didn't know when Talib was going to be out there," Curran said. "There won't be weeks were a guy like [Panthers receiver] Steve Smith gets over on him. There will be times when [Revis] gets beat by a receiver, but it will be rare."