Curran: Beach boys come through for NFL


Curran: Beach boys come through for NFL

By Tom E. Curran Patriots Insider Follow @tomecurran
HULL - The incongruity of it was fun to see. NFL owners, some of whom are among the richest people on the planet, walking past a hotel front desk that boasted, "Prime Rib Dinner, 2 sides, 9.99."Nantasket Beach Resort is seaside, but Nantasket ain't Nantucket. If you want to put on airs, stop in Hingham or keep going into Cohasset. Nantasket isn't like that.Still, as a native South Shore guy (Pembroke, baby!), I felt an element of "Holy crap, they're trying to solve the NFL lockout in Hull!" You could see the same general feeling from the customers at the neighborhood taverns who ambled over to see what the hubbub was on Thursday afternoon. Butthe GM of the Nantasket Beach Resort, Jonathan Colter, made sure the owners and leading players didn't get the same vibe from him. "Even though this was a high-profile group, a lunch for 30 people is a lunch for 30 people," Colter explained. "We want to give the highest service and best accomodations to every guest."The initial inquiries came in late last week. The identity of the group wasn't revealed to Colter until Monday. Parties began arriving on Tuesday. Colter was struck by the way the group carried itself. "Everything was extremely professional and businesslike," he noted. "They were very enjoyable guests. They weren't demanding at all. Whatever they wanted, we provided and they were just a tremendous group to work with, very down-to-earth and respectful of our employees."While the location was under wraps for most of the week, Thursday's flurry of media attention will likely have an impact on the property. "I looked it up online Friday morning and there were over 1,100 articles that mentioned us," said Colter. "It's made our phone ring quite a bit at the front desk."

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Giardi: Two more picks for Jimmy G., but . . .

Giardi: Two more picks for Jimmy G., but . . .

FOXBORO -- The tweets stacked up on your timeline right around 12:30 this afternoon. Jimmy Garoppolo threw two interceptions -- again.

What the 140 characters didn’t tell you was how they happened, or why.

The first was a wounded duck that had very little chance of success, save for the fact that Justin Coleman completely impeded Chris Hogan’s ability to compete for the ball (read: defensive pass interference). Safety Jordan Richards poached the ball as it fluttered to earth and the media tent started chirping.

The second came two throws later. Garoppolo zipped a ball to the back hip/shoulder of Devin Lucien in the end zone. Lucien initially had it, but a diving Eric Rowe ripped it from his hands for Rowe’s second pick of Garoppolo in two days.

“Whenever you throw an interception, whether it’s your testing someone out and giving a guy a chance, you never want to throw an int in the first place,” said Garoppolo after practice today.

Those INTs came on the heels of two interceptions yesterday. The first -- snagged by Richards -- was almost certainly a ball Garoppolo would never have thrown in a real game. That's a point that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have hammered over and over in the last 17 years, that these day in late July and August, are a time for testing both yourself and your teammates.

“You always try to do the right thing in practice, but practice is also that time, especially in training camp,” noted Garoppolo, “ to try to give an opportunity to who you maybe wouldn’t in the regular season. It’s a time to gain trust in your teammates and give a guy an opportunity.”

Lucien had that opportunity today and had it wrestled away from him. Note taken and file saved. Maybe next time, Garoppolo -- or Brady, or Jacoby Brissett -- go a different direction. Or they hammer the point home.

Ealy absence not injury-related: 'You have to ask Coach Bill'


Ealy absence not injury-related: 'You have to ask Coach Bill'

FOXBORO -- Kony Ealy readily admitted that his absence from Thursday's practice was not injury-related. He did not, however, say what it was related to. 

"You have to ask Coach Bill," Ealy said. "Me and him had something going or whatever."

Ealy appeared to participate regularly during Friday's shells-and-shorts session. It was the first time he was spotted by reporters on the field with his teammates since he walked off the field during a June 8 workout behind Gillette Stadium.

When asked if his latest absence was related to his absence from portions of spring camps, Ealy said he couldn't remember what held him out in the spring. He explained that he was OK with missing Thursday's work because, well, what else was he going to say?

"Of course," Ealy said. "Am I going to go against what Coach Belichick says? No. At the end of the day, my job is to come here and do everything I need to do for the team and do the right things on and off the field."

Though Ealy indicated that he felt the communication along the defensive line was coming along well, he'll have plenty of work to do as he embarks on his first training camp in New England.

"Even if I was out yesterday, I was out getting individual reps," he said. "In my mind, I'm just picturing myself in those positions, those spots, just going over the call, studying, reviewing, so you never stop working."