Curran on accusations of Pats falsifying injury reports

Curran on accusations of Pats falsifying injury reports
March 19, 2014, 11:15 pm
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Talib & Spikes say the Patriots falsified their injury reports. Tom E. Curran weighs in.

Ex-Patriots Aqib Talib and Brandon Spikes said the team put false information about them on official injury reports.

Spikes, who landed in Buffalo, and Talib, who signed with Denver, said the Pats gave them injury designations that weren’t accurate.

On Arbella Early Edition, Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran weighed in on the accusations.

"Here's the thing with Brandon Spikes. That is not a lot of wise rumminations and dot-connecting going on there," Curran said. "This is a guy who blew off the Friday before the playoffs when the Patriots played the Indianaoplis Colts."

WEEI's Kirk Minihane said, "You could make a case for the Talib thing." That claim seemed to get a lot of traction around the internet. Talib said it was a quad issue, not a hip injury as the Patriots claimed.

"Your quad and hip are connected..." Curran said. "What's the motivation for the Patriots to do this? To drive his market down? [Talib] got $57 million from the Broncos. "