Could Ryan Mallett be next in line for swap?

Could Ryan Mallett be next in line for swap?
August 26, 2014, 8:00 pm
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FOXBORO – Bill Belichick was about 25 minutes late for his scheduled 12:15 p.m. press conference on Tuesday.
Not a stunner. There are a lot of things happening on these cutdown days.
When he got to the podium, I asked him a general question about trades. The impetus for that was the status of Ryan Mallett – a luxury item as the Patriots third quarterback if indeed Jimmy Garoppolo beats Mallett out for the backup job.
“There’s plenty of personnel talk at this time of year. I’d say probably every team in the league has somewhat of a surplus somewhere and somewhat of a deficiency somewhere else, for whatever those reasons are, whether it’s quality or numbers or injuries or whatever the circumstances are,” said Belichick.
Meanwhile, the team had spent the morning working out a deal to send Logan Mankins to Tampa Bay.
The Patriots aren’t gun-shy about making a deal and Mallett could be the next to go. He’s reportedly going to be kept on the sidelines Thursday in New York when the Patriots play their final preseason game.  
Speaking generally about deals, Belichick said, “I think if you could match up with another team where, if you can match it up, for whatever reason, then you do it. We did that with Dallas; we did it with Green Bay. Other teams have done it. We’ve seen, there have been plenty of those transactions throughout training camp. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.”
It did with Mankins. We’ll see if it does with Mallett.