Carter called out Haynesworth with Redskins


Carter called out Haynesworth with Redskins

By Jimmy Toscano

You've undoubtedly seen Albert Haynesworth's lengthy rap sheet dating back to his college days, but unless you've played with him before -- and we're guessing you haven't -- you really don't know what he's like as a teammate.

Cue the Patriots' latest addition, defensive end Andre Carter.

Carter played on the Redskins from 2006-2010 and was a teammate of Haynesworth's from 2009-2010. Like Hayneswoth, Carter had to make the transition from a 4-3 to a 3-4, but unlike Haynesworth, he didn't make a stink about it.

If you're hoping Carter had great things to say about Haynesworth entering the 2010 season, stop reading . . . here.

From PFT:

He would have to leave the BS at the door, Carter said of Haynesworth, per back on July 1, 2010. Negativity around positive and optimistic people wont work. He will need to work hard and prove himself by showing that hes trustworthy and reliable in the scheme and as a teammate.


I havent experienced a player prioritizing his position on the field over working with the game, Carter said. Its disappointing because Albert could fit in this scheme. All we can say is we wish him the best and we will see what happens in a month. He made his statement that he didnt want to play in this scheme and we are not going to force him to play. Hes a grown man. We have moved forward.

Hard to believe Carter was that impressed with Haynesworth after his return to the team, as it took Haynesworth ten times to pass the conditioning test. Eventually, coach Mike Shanahan suspended him for the last four games of the season.

But even so, if Haynesworth was that bad of a teammate and that much of a locker room cancer, Carter probably wouldn't have chose New England, right?

Not quite.

In the end, Carter is going to the team that fits him best and pays him best. That seems to be the Patriots. He also knows that Haynesworth doesn't have the power to pull some of the stunts he pulled in Washington.

Carter can play both the 3-4 and the 4-3, having done both in Washington over the last two seasons. Based on the players that coach Bill Belichick has brought on so far, it seems that Belichick will show both schemes this season.

One thing is certain though, if Haynesworth is up to his old tricks, there's a player on the Patriots that will know it . . . and won't be afraid to say something.

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