Byrne: 'Impossible' for Pats to win Super Bowl


Byrne: 'Impossible' for Pats to win Super Bowl

Excited about the Patriots' 5-1 record as they head into the bye week? Think they're a serious Super Bowl contender?

Kerry Byrne urges you to re-think your position.

"Bill Belichick's a great coach, we all know that. But he had this reputation forever as a defensive genius, and we have to end that mythology," Byrne, the editor-in-chief of, told host Gary Tanguay on's Web-only Cold Hard Football Facts show.
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"They've put bad, bad defenses on the field for years on end, and right now it is statistically impossible for this team to win a Super Bowl with a defense this bad."

The Pats rank near the bottom of the league in nearly all CHFF defensive categories, but one number -- yards allowed per passing attempt (7.89) -- tells the story, says Byrne.

"They will never, ever win a Super Bowl unless there's a dramatic improvement in that number," he said.