Buckley: Concerned over Pats' coaching exodus

Buckley: Concerned over Pats' coaching exodus
January 25, 2014, 6:30 am
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The season ended less than a week ago, but already it feels like the flood gates are opening in New England and assistant coaches are just pouring onto Route 1. 

Pepper Johnson is out. Dante Scarnecchia is retiring. Nick Caserio is interviewing to be the next Dolphins GM. 

Tom E. Curran, Steve Buckley and John Ryder are on Sports Tonight to discuss the implications of turnover and other Patriots topics. 

"My biggest concern with guys leaving is that I think you need to have guys who can say 'no' and who can argue with you," says Buckley. "I don't know if Belichick has that right now."

Curran says Belichick previously expressed a desire for his coaches to 'have a voice', but in just the past few days, some of the more veteran members of his staff have left the team. 

Is this a concerning trend, or just natural turnover?