Browns coach Pettine scoffs at idea of fading Brady

Browns coach Pettine scoffs at idea of fading Brady
June 6, 2014, 12:30 pm
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Next decade, on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Canton, Ohio, someone might decide to fill a lull in conversation with this. “Remember in June of 2014 when people spent a week talking about Tom Brady’s decline…?”

And people will laugh. Oh, how they’ll laugh.

Until then, the debunking rolls on.

Nice job by MMQB writer, and friend of CSNNE, Greg Bedard to buttonhole Browns coach Mike Pettine on the Fading Brady Debate. Their site deserves the click, but here’s the upshot of Pettine’s response to the Sam Monson treatise on Brady from earlier in the week.

“It’s beyond ridiculous. Top five? I mean, to me, it’s one and two [Brady and Peyton Manning] and then there’s a gap and then it’s probably [Drew] Brees and [Aaron] Rodgers would be three and four, however you want to order them. Until those two [Brady and Manning] retire, they’ll be one and two and then there will be a gap.

Pettine added, “This came up during the draft when they asked me about starting rookie quarterbacks. There’s only so many quarterbacks in the league, I don’t know what the number is, five maybe six that will be successful no matter who their supporting cast is. They got it done in New England with below-average offensive linemen, receivers you never heard of. But because the system is so good and the guy running it is so good, it’s going to be successful. I think he’s that way, I think Peyton’s that way. But I think Tom’s probably the best at that. It doesn’t matter who’s around him. They’re going to get yards, they’re going to get points.”

Interesting insight.