Browner tries to get a grip on ref's calls

Browner tries to get a grip on ref's calls
August 8, 2014, 1:15 pm
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Here’s a novel thought. Before the NFL rolls out one of these rules emphasiseseseses that results in a blizzard of yellow cloth flying, maybe they figure out what the hell everyone really wants to look at.

Because if you gave Fan A this choice: See offenses receivers get jostled around or see the game stopped countless times for less contact than you feel getting on an elevator, I know how Fan A will decide.

Nobody wants to watch Jeff Triplette and The Flag Flinging Fellas determine the outcome of a game that we spent our entire sorry week waiting for.

Well. Anyway. They ain’t changing it. The emphasisisis will remain until Jeff Fisher or some other legislative genius slides a note to Dean Blandino telling him the refs can cool it. Until then, touch fouls on 50-50 balls will be the norm and games will swing on the most penal of penalties.

Which doesn’t exactly favor the Patriots since their secondary additions are built for banging.

Thursday night, Brandon Browner got called on a downfield hold in the first quarter.

The big corner – who impressed me with his ability to both jam and stick with smaller receivers in his time Thursday – was mystified why the flag flew when he made contact with Aldrick Robinson on a third-and-12.

Browner said he was “most definitely” trying to get clarification from the ref who threw the flag.

“I grabbed him a little bit,” Browner acknowledged. “But I also felt he was going to push me. Instead of getting pushed, I grabbed a little bit. It’s something I got to work on. They’ll be calling it tighter. They got an emphasis on it. It’s something I gotta work on getting better at.”

Did he get a better idea after this first game?

“A little bit,” Browner acknowledged. “They said they were gonna emphasize the defensive holding and things of that nature and they called it tight out there, like they said they would.”

Browner was downcast about the performance overall, mirroring the mood of Bill Belichick who was openly disgusted with the sloppiness against Washington

“That was some bad football. Too many penalties out there, things we gotta clean up,” Browner stated. “We made some mistakes. It wasn’t as much what they were doing. We shot ourselves in the foot. We had 10 penalties. Crucial penalties. My penalty was on third down, third-and-12. It starts with myself.”

This won't be the last time Browner draws a flag. Given what we saw around the league last night, he won't be the only guy wondering what he's supposed to do.