Brown: Patriots WRs need to calm their nerves

Brown: Patriots WRs need to calm their nerves
September 11, 2013, 6:30 pm
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So, the Patriots experiment with a young and inexperienced receiving corps didn't exactly get off to a rollicking start in Week 1.

With the New England offense widely cited as possibly the most complex in the league, a labyrinth of formations, routes and at-the-line calls, the answer to these young guys problems is to bare down and study harder, right Troy Brown?

Well, not exactly.

"I would tell [these receivers] they need to relax, learn what to do, get open, catch the ball," said Brown, the former Patriots receiver. "That's your number one job."

Sounds simple enough. But that is far easier said than done. 

The practice field and preseason are great places to hone one's skills, but nothing can adequately replicate regular season game conditions except for those very contests themselves.

Players in the NFL are a whole new level of fast and strong, and the game can be quite confusing at times. 

So how exactly should the rookies among the Patriots pass catchers expect to adjust to NFL game conditions?

Brown thinks the players would do well to look back to their college days.

"The tempo does speed up for a lot of guys when the regular season starts," Brown said. "But you've got to calm down, do what you do best and recognize that you're playing against the same guys you played against in college. So if you kicked their butts in college, you can kick their butts again."

"The only difference is they will be a little bit stronger and bigger if they've been in the league longer than you, a little bit more experienced, but these are the same guys you played against in college."