Brown: Faulk was 'counselor for questionable players'


Brown: Faulk was 'counselor for questionable players'

Kevin Faulk will be remembered as one of the all-time greatest Patriots to ever put on the uniform.

He's a three-time Super Bowl winner and a guy that epitomized what it meant to be a Patriot during that time.

Faulk officially retired on Tuesday, and was honored at Patriots Place by the organization, friends, family, and fans.

Another ultimate Patriot, Troy Brown, was on CSNNE's Sports Tonight where he spoke about even more contributions Faulk made.

"There were so many things that Kevin did behind the scenes for the New England Patriots that people will never know about," Brown said. "You look at and people question the fact when the Patriots bring in these questionable players into the organization who do you think was the guy that was the counselor for all these guys? It was Kevin Faulk.

"He hung with these guys. Those guys came and talked to Kevin Faulk. He kept them in check. He kept Corey Dillon in check. That's just the type of guy that he is."

Dillon was a player who seemed to be a high-risk, high-reward signing. As it turned out, he helped the Patriots win a Super Bowl while avoiding off-the-field issues, and Brown credits Faulk for instilling that team-first mentality in Dillon.

But Faulk took on an even bigger role in 2008 when Tom Brady missed the entire season due to a torn ACL.

"Kevin Faulk took over the leadership role as far as being the guy who was going to have the voice on the sideline," Browns said. "There were games where you see Kevin on the sideline pumping guys up getting guys going. There's no Brady, there's Matt Cassel running this team who hasn't played in eight years. Kevin Faulk realized there's a situation there'a s time now for me to step up and be heard by these guys."