Brian Hoyer's latest trial? Johnny Football

Brian Hoyer's latest trial? Johnny Football
May 9, 2014, 12:15 pm
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Find me a quarterback in the NFL with worse luck than Brian Hoyer.

You can’t.

The former Patriots backup is now caught up in the Johnny Football tsunami in Cleveland.

As Browns season-ticket sales keep shooting up in the wake of the team selecting Johnny Manziel, Hoyer has to know the rug just got ripped out from under him. Again.

After spending three seasons as Tom Brady’s backup, the undrafted Hoyer was released in 2012. Nobody called until November. He signed with the Steelers when Ben Roethlisberger got hurt but Hoyere never played.

He was released by the Steelers but signed with Arizona when their quarterback situation went in the crapper. Hoyer played OK in three games down the stretch.

He was released almost a year ago. His hometown team, the Browns scooped him up fast and signed him to a two-year deal. In September, for three beautiful weeks, everything came together. Hoyer won three straight starts, beating the Vikings, Bengals and Bills. Then he blew out his knee and his season was over.

Now here comes JFF.

To his credit, Hoyer’s response when the Browns told him via text they were bringing in Manziel was, “Bring him on.”

Thursday night, Browns coach Mike Pettine told the Cleveland media, “I don’t think you can hand jobs to people when they come in. It’s a situation where despite what’s around him and what’s following him — and there will be that pressure to play him — we’re in the business of evaluating the best quarterback for the Cleveland Browns to win football games and that’s who’s going to play, whether that’s Brian Hoyer or Johnny Manziel.”

Eventually, it will be Johnny Manziel. I wouldn’t bet on Manziel beating out Hoyer in training camp, but there is an inevitability to it based on Manziel’s draft status. He’s going to generate Tebow-sized interest.

Manziel will get the shot Hoyer has been waiting six seasons for.