Brees: I admire Brady from afar


Brees: I admire Brady from afar

FOXBORO -- One of the interesting scenes to come out of the last two days of joint sessions between the Patriots and Saints has been the post-practice interactions between Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

The two chatted very comfortably for an extended period after the session Tuesday. Brady sat on the turf patting his dog while Brees crouched alongside him and their throwing coach Tom House sat nearby.

After practice Wednesday, the two quarterbacks were together again. As Brady played with his two sons, Brees chatted with Mrs. Brady, Gisele Bundchen, in what resembled something close to a backyard barbeque setting.

"I've got a great relationship with Tom," Brees said. "Really throughout our careers -- we're similar in age, he's a year older than me, I guess he's going on his 13th year, my 12th year -- a lot of it has just been for me watching form afar.

"Of course there's those times in the offseason where we'll talk or text message here or there, but really it's kind of admiring from afar. For me, I know during the offseason when I'm looking at things I wanna get better at, maybe try to introduce new concepts in our offense, or just trying to think about that next season, I very often turn to tape of other quarterbacks in the league just to watch what they're doing, how they're doing it and Tom has always been one of those guys that I watch."

Both teams have lauded one another consistently over the last two days. It's clear after watching them interact that their their star quarterbacks have a genuine respect for one another as well.