Breer: Patriots must assess if Ridley’s fumbles worth it

Breer: Patriots must assess if Ridley’s fumbles worth it
August 18, 2014, 1:30 am
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Despite his fumbling issues, Stevan Ridley may still be the Patriots best running back.

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Fumbling the football can make or break a team in the NFL.

In a conference call on Saturday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick made it clear he wants his players to hold onto the ball.

"Taking care of the ball," explained Belichick. "there's nothing that correlates more to winning and losing than the turnovers so that's always a high priority for us. We never want the ball out."

One of the team's repeat offenders when it comes fumbling the football is running back Stevan Ridley.

On Sports Tonight, Mike Flynn discussed the impact Ridley's fumbling issues could have on his playing time.

"I think he's your best running back," said Flynn. "But what I think you're going to see is what you saw in the preseason game… If he's running well, he's going to play. He puts the ball on the ground, Belichick is going to pull him."

Albert Breer of NFL Network wondered if the risk of the fumble outweighs the reward.

"Belichick talked about this last year." said Breer. "That line you have to find that you're costing the team because you're taking him off the field, versus what your costing the team by putting the risk out there that he's going to put the ball on the ground. At some point, it just becomes who a player is."

"Now they've got to assess, maybe he fumbles the ball four or five times in a season. Is it worth taking that on for the skills that he brings to the table?