Is this Brady's last chance to win a Super Bowl?

Is this Brady's last chance to win a Super Bowl?
July 21, 2014, 5:00 pm
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It’s hard to imagine the New England Patriots facing a one-and-done situation, but the more I think about this upcoming season the more I come to this conclusion: This very well could the last chance Tom Brady has to win another Super Bowl with the Pats.

Brady will be 37 when the season gets underway this fall, so his personal window is closing. But the key to all of this is the best cornerback in the league: Darrelle Revis. The two most important players on a team in the offensive-minded NFL are the quarterback and cornerback. This year the Patriots have two of the best.

Next year the Patriots have a $25 million option on Revis. There is no chance in Revis Island -- or Tanguay Island, for that matter -- that the Patriots pick up that option, and that will make Revis a free agent. Revis already took a discount to sign with the Patriots this time around. He ain’t going to do it again.

So the Pats have a one-year window to win the whole damn thing. Their fourth Super Bowl in team history. The regular season is about putting up points and wiping the floor with less-talented opponents. The final four of the NFL is the problem. In the Super Bowl play in-game and in the big game itself, superior defense is needed. This year the Patriots have a shot at playing like one. Next, year Revis could walk out of Foxboro.

And with him would be Tom Brady’s last chance to win a championship.