Brady tunes mechanics with former Red Sox pitcher


Brady tunes mechanics with former Red Sox pitcher

Aside from the Super Bowls, MVPs and ridiculous won-loss record, another legacy Tom Brady will leave behind is that he was as fundamentally clean as any quarterback that ever played.

From footwork to arm position to release, Brady -- who honed his form with quarterbacking guru Tom Martinez -- is the gold standard.

The passing of Martinez this offseason meant Brady needed to find a new set of eyes to check his delivery. He went to Tom House.

Karen Guregian of The Boston Herald reported Tuesday that Brady worked with House at the Rod Dedeaux Research and Baseball Institute at USC. Matt Cassel, Carson Palmer and Alex Smith also attended a week-long evaluation.

You may remember Tom House as this guy. Or as the guy who caught Hank Aaron's 715th home run. But he's been tuning up throwers for a long time now.

What we do here is a high-tech tune-up, House told Guregian. Im not a quarterback coach. Im not a conditioning coach. What we do is assess human movement efficiencies, throwing, then we look for weak links (stability, mobility, flexibility) ... its like tuning up a Ferrari.

There were a couple things with Brady's kinematic sequence, which is basically legs, his delivering hips, delivering shoulders, delivering arm, that the camera said there might be room for improvement, House also told Guregian. And then, in the strength assessment, he had a couple things on his posterior side. But hes fine. He can be whatever he is for as long as he wants to be. But we just picked up a couple of small things on the shoulder. That was pretty much the extent of it.

If the NFL ever went to a logo instead of a shield and needed their own Jerry West, this would fit.