Brady: There's always a risk of injury

Brady: There's always a risk of injury
August 19, 2013, 9:30 am
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The only way to get ready to play football is to play football.
That’s the message Tom Brady pushed Monday morning on WEEI in a conversation with the “Dennis & Callahan Show.” Brady left practice last Wednesday after taking a shot on his left knee.
Despite returning to take a few more reps after the injury and walking from the field under his own power, it took milliseconds for folks to start mulling worst-case scenarios.
"There's risk of injury in practice, there's risk of injury driving down to the stadium in the morning," Brady noted (perhaps an allusion to his 2010 car accident the week of the Patriots season opener). "It's your only game prep. I haven't taken a hit in eight months. It's just hard to say, 'Let's just see what we have against Buffalo.' You've got to put it in, you've got to see where you're at in terms of game speeds, in terms of reads. Things are different in a game."
Brady explained his reaction to the hosts, saying, "I wouldn't say frightened, you're just wondering what happened because I didn't obviously see anything. You just feel something and react and I went back in for really to finish the period out that we had going and then just talked to Coach Belichick and our trainer and we figured we'd try to be safe. … I actually felt bad it caused more of a media story than it actually was worthy of, because I hate to draw attention to in that sort.”
Any hands that were still wringing over Brady were relaxed on Friday night when he went 11 for 12 in two series against Tampa Bay.