Brady on LaFell: Nice to have 'bigger' wideout

Brady on LaFell: Nice to have 'bigger' wideout
August 5, 2014, 6:15 pm
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RICHMOND, Virginia  - Training camp didn’t start the way Brandon LaFell would have liked. His hands have always been inconsistent and we saw that seemingly every session. Maybe it was one pass, sometimes two, occasionally even three, where a Tom Brady ball pinged off Lafell’s hands let a tennis ball comes off the racket. There are even times when the former Panther wideout makes the catch but not cleanly, like he has to choke down a burp with ill intentions.

But Tuesday, we saw maybe the best LaFell has to offer. He fought off a tough jam from D’Angelo Hall in one-on-ones to catch a slant, then made a Peyton Thompson do the walk of shame after a brilliant one-handed grab on a go route. Confidence built, LaFell continued to succeed as the day wore on (and on and on and on…nearly 3 hours of practice) and that didn’t go unnoticed.

“He keeps making more plays,” said quarterback Tom Brady. “He’s understanding better and better. He’s a veteran. He’s savvy, knows how to run the routes, big body, big frame, makes a lot of tough catches.”

That bigger body is something that Brady hasn’t always had at the wideout position, and trust me, he appreciates it.

“Absolutely. I've got some of the little pygmies out there like Julian and Danny and it’s nice to have a little bigger guy out there from time to time who has a bigger catch radius. Hopefully Danny and Julian don’t get mad at me for saying that. They won’t. They know I’m joking.”