Brady and Tyson, together at the Preakness

Brady and Tyson, together at the Preakness
May 18, 2014, 2:00 pm
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On the bright side, he didn't have on the white-suit/polka-dot-tie/Great Gatsby outfit he was wearing at the Kentucky Derby. 

On the not-so-bright side . . . he hangs with Mike Tyson??

Seems like every one of these Triple Crown races brings us a side of Tom Brady we've never seen. And don't particularly care to.

(One interesting note about this viral selfie: One member of the posse is Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury. Now, if you're wondering how Kliff Kingsbury wormed his way into a picture with Brady and Tyson, remember that Klingsbury was a quarterback on the Patriots -- he spent the entire season on the injured-reserved list -- in 2003. Apparently, the friendship with Brady stuck.)