Brady: ‘This is not tiddlywinks’

Brady: ‘This is not tiddlywinks’
September 18, 2013, 8:45 pm
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FOXBORO – Tom Brady talked after the Jets game about managing his emotions a little better in the heat of the moment. That doesn’t mean his foot will be coming completely off the gas pedal, though.
“I think there’s a real urgency to what we do here,” he stressed. “This is not tiddlywinks, this is real football, and this is a real job, and we’re held accountable every single day for what we do every single day, so I think I was just trying to convey that message to everybody so that everybody knows that. This is about winning football games, and we’re doing our best to do it, and that’s why we work hard. That’s why you make the commitments you make to the players that you play with so that we can go out and try to win and win on a consistent basis.”
In preparing for Tampa Bay, the Patriots have been able to get back to some of the fundamentals and techniques they weren’t able to work on in the short run-up to the Jets game, Brady said.
“There are probably things we probably wish we would’ve practiced but didn’t really have an opportunity to,” Brady acknowledged at his Wednesday press conference. “Coach talks about improving and these weeks really being about improvement, trying to be a better football team, so we’re trying to do that and we got off to a good start today.”
While the fixation a week ago was on Brady’s upbraiding of his young receivers, the aftermath continues to be Brady stressing that everyone shares responsibility.
“It goes both ways.” Brady said. “It’s them trusting me that I’m going to put the ball in position for them to catch it and not get hit so that they can do things full speed and not worry about if I’m throwing them into something. It’s just a lot of work. It’s just a lot of repetition, it’s a lot of communication. The practice field and all these things we do in practice through walkthroughs, through meetings and so forth, hopefully they pay off. But you’ve just got to put the work in, and you’ve got to put the time in, and we’ve been doing certainly a lot of that. I can’t remember a year where we spent as much time together as we’ve spent since the spring, and it’s going to pay off at some point. Like I said after the game, hopefully the burden of our offense doesn’t fall on one position, and it can’t fall on just the receiver position or just the tight end position or just the quarterback position. It’s the whole offense, and there’s 11 players that have to contribute, and whoever’s out there has to be able to do their job. Each player we’re trying to attack something differently, and when your number is called you have to be prepared, you have to be able to make the plays. That’s why you’re on the team, to help us win games, and the more guys that we have that are capable of doing that, the better offense we’re going to be.”
The Bucs defense won’t make it easy on New England, Brady noted.
“It’s a very good defense,” he said. “I have a lot of respect for a lot of those guys, some of the best guys we’ll play against in the league – Darrelle Revis and Mark Barron and Dashon Goldson, who is one of my favorite players.”
Why is Goldson, a safety who had his one-game suspension overturned on appeal Wednesday, one of Brady’s favorites?
“Because if I were a safety I’d try to play like him,” smiled Brady. “He’s a great a player. I played against him last year, always kind of watched him as a 49er and he got his opportunity there after a few years in San Francisco and took advantage of his opportunity. He’s a big part of the reason why that defense was so good last year and then now he’s playing for Tampa, so he’s already made a big impact.”