Bodden: Players will fight 'as long as it takes'


Bodden: Players will fight 'as long as it takes'

By Phil Perry

A few more months? Deep into the fall? Maybe longer? Leigh Bodden says no matter how long the NFL lockout stretches on, the players will be able hold out successfully.

"As long as it takes," Bodden told Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran. "It's a business and we have to stand tall and stand tough for what we believe in and for what we want.

"That's definitely what we have to do. Because if we give in, the owners are getting what they want and that's not how things need to be."

Bodden says that if the players can plan accordingly and use the lockout fund they've invested into, they should be able to last.

"Guys just need to be prepared and save money," Bodden said. "Do things that are free. After I get off here at CSN Washington, where he was taping his segment with Curran via satellite, I'm gonna talk to the producer try to get a job here or something like that."

As the owners and player plaintiffs go to court, Bodden also spoke about the character Tom Brady showed by associating himself with the case.

"It shows what kind of guy he is," Bodden said. "Tom is a great guy. He stands up for everyone. Even though he's one of the top-paid players, one of the most recognized players, he knows it's for the smaller guys that aren't as recognized or make as much money. He's standing up for us and for everybody. It definitely shows what kind of guy he is and what kind of character he has."

Study ranks Patriots fan base as second-best in NFL

Study ranks Patriots fan base as second-best in NFL

A scholarly blog from Emory ranks the Patriots as having the second-best fan base in the NFL. 

Compiled by professor Mike Lewis and favoring in numerous statistical data, the list ranks the Patriots first in terms of “social equity,” third in “fan equity” and fifth in “road equity.” The Cowboys hold the top overall spot. 

The following graphic is from Lewis' report. 

Lewis allows for the possibility that many of New England’s fans may be bandwagon fans, but that the league’s Deflategate scandal boosted engagement from Patriots dans on social media. 

Click here for the full report.