Bertrand and Borges break down NFL schedule

Bertrand and Borges break down NFL schedule
April 24, 2014, 9:00 am
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The Patriots schedule is here.

Marc Bertrand and Ron Borges joined Sports Tonight to discuss the challenges the Patriots might have during the season.

"It feels like things pick up come November first." said Bertrand, "The opponents, non-division opponents, get a little harder at that point in the season."

"Whenever you're traveling three weeks out of four, that's tough no matter who you're playing." said Borges

Felger brought up his dislike of the Thursday night games, Tom E. Curran explains how every team is now featured in a Thursday night game.

"It's not over saturation," said Curran, "when you have to roll out all the crap teams out there, Thursday night becomes the wastebasket."