Belichick takes some time off to compete at Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Belichick takes some time off to compete at Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Bill Belichick and his club are a little behind in their preparations for the draft. The Patriots coach admitted as much on the morning after his team finished off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

But that doesn't mean Belichick wouldn't take a few days to unwind after the grind of his fifth Super Bowl-winning season in New England.

After the parade in Boston on Tuesday, Belichick was on a plane and to Pebble Beach by Thursday to take part in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. He and Ricky Barnes were paired together for the fourth time, and it's the second time they've played with Belichick coming off of a Super Bowl win. 

"I always say, if you’d have had the four of us out there today, you’d have thought it was four normal guys who play their weekend game, that BS and all," Barnes told “You could tell there’s the ‘coach’ in him. He always wants someone else who it’s their profession to reassure him. So we (Barnes and his older brother and caddie, Andy) kind of help him out with the yardage and where to go, and he trusts the line.

"But no, it’s total 180 (degrees) from what everybody sees on camera. Good guy’s guy, personable, and pretty much will answer any questions when we’re out there. Because we want to ask as many as he wants to ask us."

The pair shot a two-under 69 in tough weather conditions. They were joined by Rob Oppenheim, a PGA Tour pro, and Bill Perocchi, CEO of Pebble Beach Company -- both New England natives -- to round out the group. 

"It was kind of cool, we talked about a few different plays," Oppenheim said. "I know football and I follow it, I never played it . . . It’s probably like talking to a 30-handicapper about golf. It was great listening to his perspective on what happened in the Super Bowl. That’s an experience and a memory that I’ll never forget."

Belichick's right-hand man Berj Najarian served as his caddy on Thursday but was given a bib with the coach's name misspelled (pictured above). According to Belichick's girlfriend Linda Holliday, things were straightened out by Friday.