Belichick: Patriots entering dog days


Belichick: Patriots entering dog days

FOXBORO - Even though the Patriots will practice at night on this Wednesday, Bill Belichick pointed out that the team is nearing the so-called "Dog Days" of camp.

That's when one practice runs into the next and "What day is it?" becomes a perplexing question.

"Yeah, it's something we all need to go through, players, coaches just grind through it," said Belichick. "Mentally be ready to go and start all over again. Try to get a good night's rest and have a good day each day. That's part of team building and working through it when you feel tired and don't feel good. It's a long season so this is one of the many challenges you'll face."

It was a very brief press conference for Belichick. It's getting to the point in camp where he's got no games to refer to, he's commented dryly on most players and media people aren't pressing him to engage.

Hence, brief.

Belichick briefly mentioned the visit by former Giants linebacker Carl Banks, which kicked up some cluck-clucking on Tuesday (Banks is still the Giants color analyst on radio).

"We go back a long ways together. It was good to see Carl. Giants, Cleveland. I've stayed in touch with him through the years," offered Belichick. Carl has a long relationship with myself and Pepper. It was a two-day visit, so..."