Belichick: 'I'm not running a replay booth'


Belichick: 'I'm not running a replay booth'

FOXBORO -- A day after the Patriots' 25-17 loss in Pittsburgh, Bill Belichick talked about what he saw on tape, and pointed out his team's lack of execution that caused problems for both their offense and defense.

"Bottom line is, we've just got to execute a little bit better," said Belichick in Monday's press conference at Gillette Stadium. "There's some things that they did that obviously caused some problems. We either didn't make adjustments to them quick enough, or in some cases, we tried to adjust to it, but we just couldn't get it done the way we needed to get it done. So overall, they just did a little better job then we did."

Belichick also pointed out that the Steelers played more man coverage against the Patriots on Sunday, than they've played against anyone else this season. And while that was something new from Pittsburgh, it's a type of defense that the Patriots have seen quite often.

"They played some man coverage," said Belichick. "I mean, it wasn't anything that we really hadn't seen before. But probably a little higher percentage of it, than what they've shown in other games.

"Teams that we've seen a lot of man coverage from: Jets, Oakland, teams like that, Miami," added Belichick.

Through all of that, Belichick admitted that the Patriots still had a chance to win the game on Sunday.

"We still had a shot there in the last couple minutes, but we just weren't able to make enough plays to come out of it," said Belichick. "So it's time to move on, correct the mistakes, move on to the Giants."

Finally, when asked why he couldn't get a good enough replay to justify a challenge on the Rob Gronkowski reception at the goal line, Belichick said, "I'm coaching a game. I'm not running a replay booth."

Tom Brady posts skiing video with dated South Park reference

Tom Brady posts skiing video with dated South Park reference

Tom Brady’s annual attempt at making the collective testicles of New England draw up into its stomach has succeeded.

Brady posted on Instagram and Facebook a video (see below) of him skiing somewhere that we aren’t. He approaches a decent-sized jump, hits it, appears to stick the landing, blurts, “Whoa…” and then the camera shows an empty ski and a lifeless body. 

Actually, no lifeless body. Watched it a second time. No lifeless body.

Brady has graduated from sliding down waterslides and cliff-diving to this latest offseason effort to make sure everyone still cares about his safety.  

They do.

Next season, Russian Roulette.

If you french fry when you're supposed to pizza, you're gonna have a bad time! Trust me!!!

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Giardi: First- and second-round pick would be ‘blockbuster’ for Garoppolo

Giardi: First- and second-round pick would be ‘blockbuster’ for Garoppolo

Rumor has it there are NFL teams willing to send a 'blockbuster trade' to the New England Patriots for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Mike Giardi describes what he thinks would be a blockbuster trade for Jimmy G.