Belichick: Good camp usually equals good team

Belichick: Good camp usually equals good team
August 19, 2014, 5:30 pm
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FOXBORO – It’s hard to be good in December and January if you didn’t seem to have the belly for it in July and August.

That was the point Bill Belichick made closing his Tuesday press conference. Replying to a question from Doug Tribou of NPR’s “Only A Game,” Belichick recalled saying that it’s hard to have a good season after a bad training camp.

“[Training camp is an indicator] just the way that the team works, the way they respond to the things they’re asked to do in camp and how they handle some of the tests that they’re put through,” Belichick explained. “It’s a grind. It’s tough. It’s a very competitive situation. It’s a challenge for the team – not just the players, but the entire organization to handle all the things you have to handle in training camp. Without something kind of internally being a problem and being ready to go.

“You have to be able to show some mental toughness, some ability to block out distractions and focus on your job and improving individually and as a team and all those things,” he continued. “If you can do those over a training camp period of, call it six weeks, then it’s probably a pretty good indication that you have a chance to do it during the year...then it’s probably an indication that when the pressure really comes on during the season, which the pressure is going to mount for the team as the season goes, I’d say the likelihood of it all just magically coming together without a legitimate foundation, I haven’t had a lot of great experience with that.”