Bedard: Media misconstrued Pettine anecdote

Bedard: Media misconstrued Pettine anecdote
June 20, 2014, 12:15 am
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Mike Pettine's comments about the New England Patriots having a New York Jets playbook spread around the sporting world very quickly on Thursday.

Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick were not happy to be asked about the quote.

The author of the original piece, Greg Bedard, joined Sports Tonight to clear the air on the story, and he wasn't very happy about the way the story was misconstrued by the media.

"I'm upset about it because I think this is an example of problems that plague our industry," said Bedard. "I wrote over three thousand words on Mike Pettine . . . this was just a funny anecdote in the story. It was Mike Pettine busting some chops. A story about Tom Brady busting the Jets' chops. That's all it was. It's ridiculous, all of this.

"Any insinuation that Bill Belichick, that he gained some sort of edge, that they stole playbooks or anything like that. For anybody to take that out of my piece is flat out wrong."

Bob Neumeier wondered if Bedard had any idea the anecdote would cause such a stir.

"If I thought this was a story, would I have waited until the 22nd graf?" explained Bedard. "It wasn't in the headline, it wasn't in the subdeck, it was barely highlighted in the story."

What was Pettine's purpose for the anecdote in the context of Bedard's story?

"It was obviously a joke, maybe I wrote it a bit poorly. Obviously I should've explained that playbooks don't mean anything.

"Obviously, I should've just kept the whole thing out, if I knew this was going to be the reaction, because it took away from my story, I would've completely left it out."