Bedard: Defense proved thin on depth


Bedard: Defense proved thin on depth

Mike Felger, Tony Massarotti, and Greg Bedard chat a bit about the Patriots, and more specifically the defensive side of things.

Felger notes that losing their starting cornerback and best pass rusher was huge in the AFC Championship Game. He also says that with those two back next season the Pats have a real chance at the Super Bowl again, and Mazz agrees.

"Losing both Chandler Jones and Aqib Talib given where they were a year ago, was fatal for them ultimately for that game against the Ravens," Massarotti said. "If those guys are still here and you can make an upgrade or two at a couple spots, I think you're talking."

Greg Bedard says that while those injuries hurt the Pats, they didn't have suitable backups to fill the void.

"They were too thin in those spots," Bedard said. "I mean, you lose Chandelr Jones, what do you have left. Jermaine Cunningham did nothing for you afetr his suspension, which raises eyebrows. I mean, Justin Francis is out there, an undrafted guy out of Rutgers is starting for you in the AFC Championship Game? They should be better than that.

"Talib, injury problems, it's been a constant in his care, they have a lot to think about. But I agree with your overall premise, I don't think that they're too far away."

Clowney fined for hit on Brady; Rowe fined for unsportsmanlike penalty

Clowney fined for hit on Brady; Rowe fined for unsportsmanlike penalty

When Tom Brady complained to officials during the third quarter of last week's Divisional Round game against the Texans, he was wondering why Jadeveon Clowney wasn't penalized for a late hit. 

Not only did Brady get the call a little later in the game when Clowney hit him again in the fourth, but Clowney has now been fined for that hit. Per Pro Football Talk, Clowney was docked $18,231 for roughing the passer. 

Brady defended his on-the-field tantrum in the third quarter after Clowney's hit, insisting it may have helped lead to the Patriots being given extra yardage in the fourth. 

"Yeah, I would love to try to make sure the officials are paying close attention," Brady told WEEI's Kirk and Callahan show. "If we can get one of those 15-yard penalties, those are important."

Patriots corner Eric Rowe was also fined for his actions during the Divisional Round. He was hit with a $12,154 penalty after picking up an unsportsmanlike penalty for pulling a Texans player off of a scrum in the first quarter