Bedard, Bertrand, Felger: How often is Belichick wrong?

Bedard, Bertrand, Felger: How often is Belichick wrong?
August 28, 2014, 12:45 am
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(USA Today Sports)

Every time the New England Patriots move on from a notable player many fans reply with, "in Bill we trust."

But should they?

Greg Bedard joined Sports Tonight to discuss Belichick's track record when it comes to making moves like he did with Logan Mankins on Tuesday.

"I don't think all the moves have worked out splendidly," said Bedard. "I would say Richard Seymour is the best example, Ty Law. When you look over the whole, especially when you look back to Bledsoe and Brady, they're going to say, 'Bill has his reasons.'"

Michael Felger isn't buying into the "in Bill we trust" mentality.

"Bill's batting average is pretty good," said Felger. "but this thing over and over again that none of these guys have come back to haunt them, is just flat out wrong and lazy.

"They were wrong on Adam Vinatieri. He is still kicking in the league, he was worth every single dime for the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts. Deion Branch could've absolutely put them over the top in 2006. He was gone."

Looking back on previous moves, Marc Bertrand says Felger has a valid argument.

"He's right far more often then he's wrong," said Bertrand. "but he has been wrong sometimes. It does happen. He could be wrong on [with Mankins]."