Attorney: Meriweather 'did not shoot anyone'


Attorney: Meriweather 'did not shoot anyone'

Brandon Meriweather's attorney says his investigation has "confirmed" that the Patriots safety was not the shooter -- and, in fact, was "nothing but a peace-keeper" -- in the incident last month in which two men were wounded by gunfire at a party in Apopka, Fla.

Adam Swickle, a Fort Lauderdale attorney, told the Orlando Sentinel that all the witnesses he and his investigators spoke to "confirmed that at no point did Brandon have a gun, or threaten to shoot, and did not shoot anyone." Meriweather, he said, "was nothing but a peace-keeper."

The two victims in the Feb. 28 incident -- Nico Glendale Stanlery and Quentin Louis Ramone Taylor -- told Orlando attorney John Morgan that Meriweather was the shooter. But Morgan, when speaking to the media after news of the story broke on March 10, said he wasn't sure of Meriweather's involvement.

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