Amendola: 'I'm ready to go' Sunday vs. Dolphins

Amendola: 'I'm ready to go' Sunday vs. Dolphins
October 25, 2013, 1:45 pm
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FOXBORO -- Friday marked Danny Amendola's third-consecutive practice this week. The receiver, who suffered a concussion Week 6, neither confirmed nor denied he's been medically cleared to play this Sunday against Miami. But he was clear in saying he'd take the field if the decision was his. 

"I had a good week and I'm ready to go," he said after the week's final workout. 

When asked what makes him so sure: "Ready or not, I guess. The game's coming and I feel as good as I can. I'm not really worried about the past, I'm just worried about the future and am excited. I'm looking forward to Sunday."

The head injury kept Amendola out of last weekend's game, a 30-27 loss to the Jets. Combined with the trio of tilts he missed after tearing his groin in New England's season opener, he's been active for less than half the season. 

Amendola said he remembers the brutal hit he took in the Saints game, remembers everything, and didn't feel any symptoms afterward. He also noted he's suffered one prior concussion in the NFL, but has suffered no lingering effects. 

He's been limited in practice this week, thus far. 

"They've got protocols and stuff now, with a bunch of head injuries. You've got to kind of follow along. You might feel good and feel ready to go, and the doctors might not let you go," Amendola said. 

After a concussed player returns to practice, a team doctor has to first sign off on his return. Next comes an evaluation from an unaffiliated expert approved by both the NFL and NFLPA. Amendola will have to get secondary approval there before getting back in the game. 

He certainly sounds optimistic. 

"I've done pretty much everything they've asked me to do. I'm healthy and ready to play."