Agent says Keller is 'good to go'

Agent says Keller is 'good to go'
April 22, 2014, 6:30 pm
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The Patriots have been in the market for further tight end help this offseason.

Among the known targets to make a trip through Foxboro was Owen Daniels, who signed with the Ravens. 

Now comes word from Keller’s agent Eugene Parker that Keller, who suffered a devastating knee injury in the 2013 preseason, is “good to go.”

I recently wrote about the attractiveness of Keller who – if he’s healed – could be a terrific addition to the offense because of his pass-catching skills.

Of course, “good to go” is a relative term and there’s every reason in the world for Parker to take an optimistic look at his client’s situation.

It seems quite likely that, even if Keller is signed by a team, the wise move would be to take it slow in the preseason and training camp with a player who went through a knee trauma like his.