3 and Out: Patriots who didn't help their causes

3 and Out: Patriots who didn't help their causes
August 23, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Game three of the preseason is in the books and as roster cuts loom, which bubble players stood out (for good or bad) in Detroit?

CSNNE's Tom E. Curran was at the game and has the answers. 

Starting off on a positive note, Curran was satisfied with a pair of skill position players, one a lumbering running back recently acquired from Tampa Bay.

"LeGarrette Blount wasn't bad," Curran said. "He carried 10 times for 26 yards, he had a 17-yard run, he continues to run for positive yards virtually every carry."

The other culprit is more of a seasoned Patriots veteran. From possibly finding a starting spot at the beginning of 2012 to fighting to make the team in 2013, this player has certainly seen his stock fall far in just a year's time.

But if he hopes to avoid being cut, his play against the Lions helped his cause.

"I think that Julian Edelman, despite my hand wringing at least about his place on this team, shows that when it comes to quickness and adaptability and the ability to run that shallow out that gets you the first down when it's absolutely necessary," Curran said. "He showed it, three catches for 18 yards, all important."

Now, onto the disappointments.

The Patriots have struggled mightily to discover a competent pair of safeties since the days of Rodney Harrison. Devin McCourty has recently shined back there, but the other safety position remains shaky and a certain pickup from the NFC West isn't making a strong case to get that starting role.

"Adrian Wilson labored, and I think that the fact he was on the football field so late in the game signals either A. the Patriots are trying to see something from him that indicates something that they haven't yet seen or B. he's in trouble."

And if one running back is doing well to gain possibly the last spot for that position on the team, another is being pushed out.

Curran certainly sees that as the case.

"Additionally I think that Brandon Bolden, a guy who's fighting for a roster spot, to fumble early in the game in his own redone, that's just an awful play, even though it wasn't very well-blocked," Curran said. "I don't know if that puts him over the edge, one single play, but it certainly doesn't help."

The roster will be officially cut down to 75 players on August 27 and to the final 53-man mark on August 31.