NBA2K12's special features


NBA2K12's special features

By Justin Aucoin

So NBA 2K12 is due out next month and basketball fanatics and gamers alike are getting a little bit excited in the pants over its release. And understandably so.

Heres the trailer:

Its a good thing you can play as these NBA legends cause theres no point on playing with current NBA stars since they wont be playing this year either.

But modern NBA squads do appear, of course. Just not in the way youre all expecting.

Gamers will get a chance to play as Delonte West as he applies and interviews with Home Depot. And, if youre interview skills are strong, youll move on to more challenging levels like sales associate, key copier and cashier.

Jump into the trenches of the NBA lockout. Play as the league or the NBAPA. Work to get the best deal for your side, talk to the media, and fine playerscoaches for having human interaction with each other. Will you have better luck at ending the lockout?

Just because theres no season doesnt mean your star players cant keep their skills sharp. Head over seas to play in China (Why not? Every other job is going over there.) or work on your dunking by playing against a giraffe.

Gamers can also play as the Harlem Globe Trotters as they might be the only American basketball team touring this fall and winter.