Morning-walkthrough: April 13, 2012


Morning-walkthrough: April 13, 2012

Jeff Fisher's talking up Sam Bradford. Here's an interesting Bradford nugget: while at the NFL Owner's meetings, one head coach told me that Bradford's 2011 10-game performance was remarkable because he had never seen a quarterback receive such poor protection.

Karen Guregian got Big Vince on the horn on Thursday. On the team's offseason personnel moves, Wilfork said, "I know Bill knows what hes doing. I dont get caught up into why hes bringing so and so in. I dont think he would jeopardize this franchise or this organization by bringing in someone thats a flat-out knucklehead.

Osi is always agitating.

Warren Sapp explains how it came to pass that he needed to file for bankruptcy.

The Ravens had JaMarcus Russell rated verrrry highly back in 2007.