Morning Walk-Through: McDaniels, McDaniels!


Morning Walk-Through: McDaniels, McDaniels!

One destination is particularly popular this morning in our usual trip around the NFL. Check it out.
Arm-flapping, foot-stomping and hand-wringing over Josh McDaniels continues out in Denver. A sampling of stories...Mike Shanahan went from Oakland to Denver DURING THE SAME SEASON AND COACHED AGAINST THE RAIDERS. No crying. ... Mike Klis has gone from saying McDaniels would provide intimate insider knowledge of the Broncos on Sunday to saying McDaniels sucks completely and will ruin everything for the Patriots. No mention yet from Mike that this isn't unprecedented. ... Clown shoes. Woody Paige weighs in. Deep thoughts here. Guy should wear a sign, "Parody. Not to be taken seriously."
Meanwhile, the Broncos seem to have cheated on the game-winning touchdown pass against Pittsburgh. (Aside: In my experience, the playoffs bring out levels of homerism in the media that - during the regular season - never appear to exist. And the media-to-media interaction which is friendly and collegial during the season, actually gets an edge in the postseason when two teams are preparing to play each other. Nobody's throwing hands, but there is a fair amount of eye-rolling at the other side. Just an observation...) RAC is the man in KC. And Sam Mellinger of the KC Star writes a very good piece about what Scott Pioli needs to do to change if this thing is going to work long term.

Belichick: Pats see Garcia as left tackle

Belichick: Pats see Garcia as left tackle

FOXBORO -- The bullet points from Bill Belichick on the team’s second pick in this year’s draft, Troy left tackle Antonio Garcia:

- He’s a person.
- He’s a left tackle. 
- He has played tackle and will play tackle. 
- He visited with the Patriots. 
- We’re not sure if he’ll play guard at any point. 
- We’ll see how it goes. 

That’s generally as forthcoming as Belichick was regarding Garcia, a player for whom the Pats moved up from No. 96 to No. 85. Garcia’s selection came two picks after the team made Youngstown State pass-rusher Derek Rivers their first selection of the draft at No. 83. 

“He was here last week; [we] had a good visit with him,” Belichick said of Garcia. “So we’ll see how that goes, but we think he’ll be competitive. He’s done a good job for them down there.” 

Asked whether the lanky 6-foot-6 player could play guard, Belichick was noncommittal. 

“I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes,” he said. “He’s played tackle. He’s got the length and I think the athleticism to play tackle, but we’ll see how he does. I don’t know.” 

As for which side, Belichick viewed Garcia “primarily” as a left tackle.  

Stars, studs and duds: Bradley delivers another two-way gem

Stars, studs and duds: Bradley delivers another two-way gem

CHICAGO – Here are the Stars, Studs and Duds from Boston’s series-clinching 105-83 Game 6 win over the Chicago Bulls.

Avery Bradley

He delivered yet another two-way gem for the Celtics, scoring nine of his 23 points in the first quarter that set the tone for Boston’s win.
Jimmy Butler

Gutsy performance by Butler whose sore knees didn’t allow him to be as explosive as he’s accustomed to at both ends of the floor. He still managed to score a team-high 23 points along with grabbing seven rebounds.
Al Horford

It’s almost to the point where you expect Horford to deliver a balanced scoring line. In Game 6 he had 12 points, 7 assists and six rebounds.

Isaiah Thomas

His shot wasn’t falling (he was 4-for-12), but Thomas still managed to make his presence felt. He finished with 12 points, six assists and five rebounds.
Robin Lopez

He has had better games, but he still finished with a decent stat line with 10 points and five rebounds.

Dwyane Wade

Absolutely brutal night for Wade who may have played his last game for the Bulls if he decides to opt-out of his contract and become a free agent. He had just two points, missing nine of his 10 shots from the field.