Morning Skate: Wednesday, Dec. 12


Morning Skate: Wednesday, Dec. 12

Roman Hamrlik stands behind his comments about Donald Fehr, and has put a bullseye on his back when the NHL regular season does return. Some like Scott Hartnell have already hinted that he wont be getting much assistance from his fellow players.

Stephen Gionta is scraping his way up to the NHL just as he did last season before finding himself a regular forward in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Nick Cotsonika says theres a deal to be done and its time for the NHL and NHLPA to get things into gear. Id have to agree with my good buddy, Nick. Its now or never.

The boys at TSN are now keeping their eyes peeled on a 14-year-old prospect that might get special status to play in Major Junior Hockey in Canada.

Somebody turned a Tyler Seguin autograph into a tattoo. Wow. Thats a little strong. Okay, thats a lot strong.

A former Canucks owner said that the leagues recent stance in the NHL lockout is disregarding the growth in the game.

CBCs labor expert says the NHL and NHLPA arent far apart on issues that will determine a finished CBA.

For something completely different: Lets get the Tragically Hips Gord Downie to opine on the NHL labor dispute. Notice my spelling of labor reveals I'm an an American.

Mike Giardi: People in Paul George's camp think Celtics are a great fit

Mike Giardi: People in Paul George's camp think Celtics are a great fit

Mike Giardi reports that there are some people in Paul George's camp that think the Boston Celtics would be a great fit, both short and long-term.