Morning Skate: Thursday, January 26


Morning Skate: Thursday, January 26

The NHL players have only three players in Business Weeks Power 100 of marketable athletes, and Tim Thomas is one of them at No. 86. The magazine has an article that explores why more hockey players arent among the top 100.

Zdeno Chara is keeping his first choice a secret for tonights NHL All-Star Draft in Ottawa. Wouldnt it be a great gesture of support if Chara selects Tim Thomas with his first choice?

My favorite part about the story of Thunderbug getting canned by the Tampa Bay Lightning? Its not the first time the woman in the costume has been relieved of her mascot duties.

Lance Hornby from the Toronto Sun says that Jonas Gustavsson is the man for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Kevin Allen of USA Today says that Thursday nights draft is the best part of All-Star weekend, and hes probably correct.

Former Bruins player Craig MacTavish says that hes back in his happy place coaching Vancouvers AHL team, and removing himself from a role as TV analyst job.

For something completely different: I need to link any article where somebody uses a Dylan McKay quote from Beverly Hills 90210 to express a point about Lebron James.