Morning Skate: Monday, Nov. 26


Morning Skate: Monday, Nov. 26

Good piece from Damien Cox about the NHL old-timers that are caught in the middle of the lockout crossfire, and could be one of the nameless, voiceless victims of two sides in a power struggle.

Some quick and easy answers on potential NHLPA decertification something that isnt really quick or easy, but could yield some results nonetheless.

LA Kings forward Justin Williams wonders if the long lockout layoff could have benefits for the Kings and their potential Stanley Cup hangover. Id say the answer is a resounding yes, but losing the full season to a labor dispute would actually be the ultimate Stanley Cup hangover.

Since the NHL isnt playing, here are some CHL power rankings for all those diehards out there craving them. Its reached that depth now, hasnt it?

Henrik Lundqvist talks to Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News, and vents his frustration that a Stanley Cup dream for the New York Rangers is going down the drain with the NHL lockout. compatriot Tim Panaccio has the details from the Hurricane Sandy benefit game in Atlantic City that was a resounding success.

Good piece from Larry Brooks this weekend detailing that a new NHL owner must stand up in the next few weeks if theres going to be an NHL season. Theres little doubt at this point that is exactly what needs to happen in the board room.

Some interesting thoughts from Steve Simmons on Toronto GM Brian Burkes involvement in the NHL CBA discussions, and whether it puts him in a delicate position between the leagues stance and the stance of the Toronto Maple Leafs ownership group.

For something completely different: Fireman Ed hangs up his firemans hat and steps down from his role as team mascot. It doesnt seem like Jets enemies or Jets fans are going to miss him, so happy trails, Ed.

Michael Strahan says 'you’ve never lived unless you’ve hit Tom Brady'

Michael Strahan says 'you’ve never lived unless you’ve hit Tom Brady'

Michael Strahan cherished sacking Tom Brady. He embraced mere contact with the New England Patriots quarterback.

Strahan, who sacked Brady three times during his NFL career with the New York Giants, discussed how he felt when he got the opportuntiy to bring down Brady.

“You’ve never lived unless you’ve hit Tom Brady. Not just Brady but any quarterback," Strahan told WWD in a story published Wednesday. “Like, you hit a guy, hit a grown man, and you hear the life and the breath leave his body. There’s something very empowering about that. Then, you hit Brady, you sack him and you land on Brady. And you get up and you’re, like, ‘Boy, I see what Gisele is feeling. You know, I just laid down with Tom Brady. That was cool.'”

It sounds like Strahan may enjoy sacking Brady a little too much. But his abiltiy to get to Brady in the Super Bowl did help swing the result in the Giants' favor, so perhaps that's a part of why he has such fond memories of being atop Brady.

Curran: ‘Is Revis concerned about his cornerback legacy?’


Curran: ‘Is Revis concerned about his cornerback legacy?’

The Patriots are the likeliest destination for Darrelle Revis, according to reports. Tom E. Curran discusses whether or not Revis would want to return to the Patriots and what this means for Malcolm Butler.