Morning Skate: Monday, December 10


Morning Skate: Monday, December 10

Good column by Bruce Arthur breaking down last weeks histrionics, and finding the truth thats in there: both sides should be coming to a deal on a CBA this week.

Kevin Westgarth has been a key figure in the CBA negotiations from the NHLPA side of things, and is continuing on a very unique career path for a pro hockey player.

Don Cherry and Daniel Alfredsson might not be exchanging Christmas cards this season, but then again the headline might be a little misleading as well.

Good piece by Gary Lawless on Winnipeg defenseman Ron Hainsey, a player thats become notorious in the conference room during these CBA negotiations. Its an interesting nugget that hes made some enemies among other players with his confrontational style in NHLPA meetings.

Kevin Allen gives us five glorious reasons why there will be NHL hockey this season despite the lockout thats gone on for four months and counting.

Ilya Bryzgalov is sidelined with a virus. Not word on whether its a big, humangous virus, or just a run of the mill one.

Scott Burnside said the two sides need to make a deal this week if theres going to be an NHL season. The pressure is on to get this thing done for both the NHL and the NHLPA.

For something completely different: 15 different ways to make brisket for the holidays. Okay, so its a slow news day. So what?