Morning Skate 25: You can't stop Sam Gagner


Morning Skate 25: You can't stop Sam Gagner

There have been ongoing plans for more than six months to build a new athletic arena in Seattle that could house both an NBA team and an NHL team. Things are starting to get interesting.

Larry Brooks says the Premiere games to open the season in Europe might be in danger next year if a new CBA cant be hammered out in a reasonable amount of time this summer.

You cant stop Sam Gagner; you can only hope to contain him.

Pekka Rinne was literally standing on his head against the St. Louis Blues on Saturday, and said it was a party in front of the net while making 43 saves.

Nice Jason Botchford piece in The Province about Byron Bitz trying to find a niche with the Boston Bruins after a host of hip problems.

Brooks Orpik launches Daniel Paille 25 feet with Saturdays center-ice hit according to the Penguins television announcing team. Thats great.

Ilya Kovalchuk buckles Brayden Schenns knees with a strong right-handed punch during a scrap yesterday. Thats a pretty impressive show of punching power from the Russian scorer.

Got to love a website devoted to the year of time thats gone by since Scott Gomez scored a goal for the Montreal Canadiens hockey club thats paying him upwards of 6 million to do nothing.