McGinest: Wayne would be a good fit with Pats


McGinest: Wayne would be a good fit with Pats

The Patriots have just two wide receivers under contract for the 2012 season: Chad Ochocinco and Julian Edelman.

It's hard to believe the Patriots would bring back Ochocinco, who's due 3 million next season. And even if they re-sign Wes Welker, it's a position that figures to undergo a great deal of change. Will they draft a wideout? Sign a free-agent receiver? Trade for one?

NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest told the Boston Herald that if the Patriots could get their hands on free-agent-to-be Colts receiver Reggie Wayne, that might be a match that would work for both sides.

Wayne said he's open to the idea.

It came up in the conversation would Wayne ever want to play for the Patriots, McGinest told the Herald. He smiled and said, Who wouldnt want to play there?

If it could have worked with Chad (Ochocinco), it would have been good. It didnt. I just think (Tom Brady) has a lot of weapons, but he can always use that stretch-the-field receiver. When they had Randy (Moss) there, it really made it tough for teams to stop them. Reggie Wayne is somebody who could stretch the field. He has great hands, hes a professional who could pick up the system. Having another big-time receiver like that would put it over the top.

Ainge on no trades at deadline: ‘Wasn’t for lack of trying’

Ainge on no trades at deadline: ‘Wasn’t for lack of trying’

For the second straight season the trade deadline came and went with no moves from the Boston Celtics.

President of basketball operations Danny Ainge continues to look at the big picture as his team moves forward with their roster intact.

“It wasn’t for lack of trying, last year and this year,” said Ainge. “We came away with Al Horford in the summer. We drafted Jaylen Brown, Jaylen just continually getting better. I’m very excited about the future of both those guys. We were also able to get Ante Zizic, who is having a terrific year over in Turkey. I think that our future is looking good.

“We hope to have another good summer this year, whether we use the draft pick, whether we trade the draft pick. I think we can’t go wrong, as long as we don’t screw it up and pay too much for certain assets.”

Ainge: Adding players 'sometimes messes up your chemistry’

Ainge: Adding players 'sometimes messes up your chemistry’

With the NBA trade deadline in the rear view mirror, the Celtics will have to turn to the buyout market if they are looking to make changes to their roster.

Talking to CSN Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely, Danny Ainge explained why signing players who have  been bought out can be a risky move for a team like the Celtics.

“We’ll weigh each guy that comes on the market and see if that can be a boost to our team,” explained Ainge. “At the same time, I like our team. Bringing in new players sometimes messes up your whole chemistry, and it shifts somebody into a different role that they’re not accustomed to doing. You better know what you’re getting.

“We brought in Michael Finley, Sam Cassell. . . PJ Brown turned out to be a very good asset to us. Most of the time it sort of disrupts things. At the end of the year you go, ‘wow, we probably shouldn’t have done that.’ Even though on paper it looked like a great acquisition, it wasn’t as good as everyone thought it would be.”