McDaniels: Patriots hope to have Gronkowski in regular role for playoffs


McDaniels: Patriots hope to have Gronkowski in regular role for playoffs

It looked like Rob Gronkowski was shielding his left arm in last night's game versus the Dolphins, but the Patriots coaching staff was happy to have him available even if he didn't look exactly like himself.

"I think it was great to have him out there," Josh McDaniels said on Monday. "Anybody coming off of an injury has to go through that process and get out there and play and go through it for the first time."

Gronkowski didn't admit that his arm was bothering him on the field, but he indicated that a week off during the bye will do him some good. He finished the Patriots' 28-0 win over the Dolphins with two catches for 42 yards.

He played in about a quarter of the team's snaps on Sunday, significantly fewer than the number of snaps he has played when fully healthy this season.

"I thought Rob did a good job of we knew what his role in the game was going to be," McDaniels said. "It wasnt going to be as extensive as maybe some other games. And so he did his job that we asked him to do and carried out his assignment and I thought that all in all it was a fairly productive day and also an opportunity for him to get out there and get his legs back and get into a game and hear the communication and the tempo and the pace and all the different things that happen when you havent played in over a month."

The Patriots are hoping that yesterday's action for Gronkowski will allow him to get back to full strength in a little less than two weeks, when they host either the Texans, Ravens or Colts in the Divisional Round of the AFC playoffs.

"Hopefully well be able to build off that this week and next week and have Gronkowski ready to get back into his role hopefully in the first playoff game," McDaniels said.

Michael Strahan says 'you’ve never lived unless you’ve hit Tom Brady'

Michael Strahan says 'you’ve never lived unless you’ve hit Tom Brady'

Michael Strahan cherished sacking Tom Brady. He embraced mere contact with the New England Patriots quarterback.

Strahan, who sacked Brady three times during his NFL career with the New York Giants, discussed how he felt when he got the opportuntiy to bring down Brady.

“You’ve never lived unless you’ve hit Tom Brady. Not just Brady but any quarterback," Strahan told WWD in a story published Wednesday. “Like, you hit a guy, hit a grown man, and you hear the life and the breath leave his body. There’s something very empowering about that. Then, you hit Brady, you sack him and you land on Brady. And you get up and you’re, like, ‘Boy, I see what Gisele is feeling. You know, I just laid down with Tom Brady. That was cool.'”

It sounds like Strahan may enjoy sacking Brady a little too much. But his abiltiy to get to Brady in the Super Bowl did help swing the result in the Giants' favor, so perhaps that's a part of why he has such fond memories of being atop Brady.

Curran: ‘Is Revis concerned about his cornerback legacy?’


Curran: ‘Is Revis concerned about his cornerback legacy?’

The Patriots are the likeliest destination for Darrelle Revis, according to reports. Tom E. Curran discusses whether or not Revis would want to return to the Patriots and what this means for Malcolm Butler.