McCarty: Bradley behind Celtics impassioned play


McCarty: Bradley behind Celtics impassioned play

Former Celtics forward Walter McCarty is in studio with Gary Tanguay on Sports Tonight talking about the Celtics recent stretch of play.

And that play has been pretty good. So what's the reason? Look no further than Avery Bradley, who has been a huge difference-maker for the Celtics according to McCarty.

"He definitely is," McCarty said. "He's a spark plug, he gets everybody going, and he does a lot of things out there that you can't teach; that don't show up in the box scores. He makes other teams uncomfortable bringing the ball up and getting into their sets. So he just puts pressure on these guys all game, and in the games they just make bad decisions."

Danny Ainge said Bradley had "NBA-ready" defense when he was drafted, and it looks like Ainge was right. But is defense simply just about effort?

"It comes down to effort but it also comes down to knowing position on the court moving your feet, just how to get into guys," McCarty said. "This kid obviously studies his guys he plays against, he knows their tendencies and he's able to study that and get them to feel pressure."

Check out the video for more analysis from McCarty.