Mayo and Brown a couple of 'Stooges'


Mayo and Brown a couple of 'Stooges'

FOXBORO -- Jerod Mayo, movie star?

The Patriots linebacker was speaking to the media after a Tuesday workout when his budding film career came up. Unbeknownst to many, Mayo got a spot in Peter and Bobby Farrelly's reboot of "The Three Stooges," released April 13. Mayo, along with former Patriots receiver Troy Brown, are credited as "gang bangers" in the movie.

"I just got the call from the Farrley brothers and it was just a good time," he said. "Bobby and Pete are great guys. I just had a little part, but it was a great time."

Don't worry, it's unlikely Mayo's "one long line" will steal him from the Patriots just yet.

"Right now I'm focused on football," he assured the crowd. "But if there are any roles out there I'm willing to take them!"

It's well-known the Farrelly brothers -- who are Duxbury, Mass. natives -- are big Boston sports fans. The pair is responsible for the Red Sox story "Fever Pitch," after all. And there's even Patriots precedent for their comedies; in 2003, Tom Brady and former New England defensive back Lawyer Milloy appeared in "Stuck on You."

As for "Stooges," Mayo was loathe to surrender details. He instead urged all to see for themselves.

"Isn't that copyright infringement or something?" he joked. "You've got to go see it and get it to number one!"

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