Maxwell 'disappointed' in Celtics extending Rondo's streak


Maxwell 'disappointed' in Celtics extending Rondo's streak

The Celtics were down by double-digits late in the fourth quarter against the Pistons. There was no shot at winning. But there was Rajon Rondo out on the court. He was trying to get his 10th assist and continue his streak of 10-plus assists (now at 34 games).

He got it, but was it right? Celtics great Cedric Maxwell was in studio with Gary Tanguay and Lou Merloni to give his take  -- and he doesn't agree with the move.

"I wasn't shocked, I was disappointed," Maxwell said. "You were down by 17 with two minutes to go. Your perspective is about winning the game. That turned to getting Rondo another assist. I talked to Doc Rivers on the plane about it. Celtics have made a great comment about one thing they've always said -- 'I am a Celtic. I am a Celtic'. And this is a motto, this is a slogan that they use. Well, that's not the Celtic way. The Celtics have never had anybody who led the league in points scored, but the biggest stat for the Boston Celtics is winning a game. So if your perspective is about winning, and you lose that perspective, than I think you might have made a mistake."

Max continued:

"It would be better off if it ended because I think you get back to just playing basketball."

Maxwell goes on to talk about someone else that Celtics fans are disappointed in -- Jeff Green. Check out the video for more.

Tanguay: No pressure, Al, but Celts' postseason success hinges on you

Tanguay: No pressure, Al, but Celts' postseason success hinges on you

Hey, Al Horford. No pressure, but these upcoming playoffs are on you. 

The Celtics are having a great REGULAR season. But for this postseason to be anything but regular, Al needs to come up big.

To his credit, he's done that recently. But he need to play even better in the playoffs. Better isn’t even the right word. Power. That’s it: Power. Horford needs to play with more power. 

The problem is this has never really been his game, and therefore it may prove the Celtics overpaid when they gave him a max contract. 

During his 74 postseason games with the Hawks, Horford averaged 12.9 points and 8.4 rebounds per game. This season he has averaged 6.9 rebounds for the Celtics. There's no way his rebounding numbers an be that low in the playoffs. 

I want at least 18 points and 8 rebounds per game from him over the course of the Celts post season run. And NO THREEs. I know the guy can shoot, but he needs to keep that 6-foot-10 body of his twelve feet or less from the hoop. 

So if the Celtics let you down or underperform this spring, it won't be on Isaiah. It will be on you, Al. 

Again, no pressure. 

Report: Patriots asked Seahawks about a trade for Richard Sherman

Report: Patriots asked Seahawks about a trade for Richard Sherman

PHOENIX -- The Patriots pulled off what many considered a surprise free-agent signing when they acquired corner Stephon Gilmore. As it turns out, before they picked up the former Bills cover man, they inquried about a separate move that would have been even more eye-opening. 

According to NFL Media's Ian Rapoport, ahead of coming to a deal with Gilmore, the Patriots were among the teams that spoke to the Seahawks about a potential trade for Richard Sherman.


During the NFC coaches breakfast on Wednesday morning at the Arizona Biltmore, Seattle coach Pete Carroll acknowledged that multiple teams have contacted the Seahawks about Sherman. But, Carroll said, "I don't see anything happening at all."

Sherman, who turns 29 next season, will make $11.431 million for 2017. He's due $11 million in the final year of his contract in 2018.