Matt Cooke is a saint!


Matt Cooke is a saint!

By Justin Aucoin

Someones gotta say it (other than thePensblog):

Its time to lay off Matt Cooke.

Instead of damning Cooke, the NHL should be celebrating their biggest personality outside of Sidney Crosby (currently inactive) and Alexander Ovechkin. In fact, were jumping on the Matt Cooke for Lady Byng bandwagon.

Yea, we know hes a controversial player, but arent all the finest figures in human history controversial? Abraham Lincoln. MLK Jr. Gandhi. Bluto Blurtarsky. All are controversial in their own right. All are heroes.

And Cookes no different. Hes a champion of the people off the ice! He gets tailored suits for his son.

Collects antiques!

Seriously? Can you really call a guy who goes antiquing a garbage player? Of course not! Dumpster diving would mean soiling all those sweet cashmere sweaters.

Cooke also gives back to the common person. Hes a modern day Robin Hood or Zorro, donating to the peons of America and other things millionaire athletes typically do not only because its the right thing to do, but also because of the sweet tax write-offs!

He also wears an 'A' on his jersey, and it has nothing to do with his nickname among non-Penguin fans. Remember: You dont wear that 'A' on your jersey if youre a jerkface. The 'A' is a sign of respect. A sign of integrity. A sign that possibly half your team is on the IR, so theres no one else to wear it.

In short, Matt Cooke is a saint. The guys just doing what he needs to do to keep a job. And in these tough economic times, who can blame him!? From the National Post:

Ive always said that, you know, what I am on the ice is a persona that has enabled me to stay in the league for 13 years, Cooke said. Its not who I am, and its not what makes me. Its just something I have to do to stay in the NHL.

Preach it, brotha! Haters gonna hate. Dont let them keep you down.

Lets not forget that Matt Cooke is the victim here. Its impossible to control such a killer instinct when its been fused into your DNA.

So lets not suspend Cooke for the very rule that he helped create. Lets commend him.

We hear the British have a fun way of celebrating such infamous characters.

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