Maroney's arrest all kinds of surprising


Maroney's arrest all kinds of surprising

By Mary Paoletti

Okay, okay, okay. What's more surprising: Laurence Maroney getting arrested? Or Laurence Maroney getting arrested for unlawful weapons and drug charges?

Trick question. Both details are surprising for different reasons. Want to know why? Sure you do.

1) Maroney is "The Stuff" and "The Stuff can't break the law because "The Stuff" is above the law. Naw, I'm just kidding. That's ridiculous.

1 (For real) The Lau-Mo I saw in New England looked like a happy-go-lucky guy. It would have been better if he had been a happy-go-lucky professional football player instead, but that's besides the point. Point is, when I saw him during training camp he was rolling around on the grass, playing with people's kids and being a gap-toothed silly goose.

Did any part of me think 'This guy is on a crash course to legal and moral disaster?' Nope. I thought 'This guy should run a day care out of his house.' I bet you the Patriots would have kept Maroney around if he had volunteered to babysit Brady's kids instead of take up space on the bench.

2) Guns and drugs sound like these fellas were up to something, as if they had some plan that got foiled. Here's where Maroney's involvement is surprising: making plans involves not being a complete idiot.

Lau-Mo is an idiot.

I mean that in the nicest way possible. Remember those gems he spit before the Patriots traveled to London?

When told the British use the word cheerio to say goodbye, Maroney said, Like the cereal? For real? How do they say hello, Kellogg? Frosted Mini-Wheats?When asked if hed go out and talk to people in England, Maroney said, They might not understand me in London. What do they speak over there? I dont like repeating myself, so over there, if they dont understand me, Ill have to do a lot of repeating myself and itll make me frustrated.

You can't make that stuff up, and I'm saying this as someone who makes stuff up for this blog all the time. All. The. Time. Had the cops not intervened, I'm positive that Maroney and company would have ended up on this list.

The back-up back is out of jail already. I'm assuming the judge apologized for the incarceration after hearing this stellar defense:

He just happened to be behind the car, by pure coincidence. He has a permit for the gun, but the permit was in a wallet that wasn't on him.

Sorry, Denver, but it's not like New England forced him on you.

Weird umpire replay mistake helps Red Sox to record-tying 20 Ks


Weird umpire replay mistake helps Red Sox to record-tying 20 Ks

New York’s mistake helped the Red Sox, and they weren’t playing the Yankees.

The Red Sox struck out 20 in a game for the third time in franchise history on Thursday night, and they were able to do so only after MLB’s replay team — based in Manhattan — gave Craig Kimbrel an extra batter to strike out in the ninth inning.

A 6-2 win over the Rangers featured 16 strikeouts for Red Sox pitching heading into the top of the ninth at Fenway Park. Kimbrel came on for a non-save situation because he had five days off previously.

There’s always that outside chance for a four-strikeout inning, and it happened. Even for a four-strikeout inning, however, this was bizarre.

The first batter, lefthanded hitting Nomar Mazara, swung and missed at a back-foot breaking ball for strike 3 — a literal back-foot breaking ball, because it hit him in that foot after he whiffed on the pitch.

On a swing and a miss with a pitch that hits the batter, the ball should be dead. He should not have been able to reach first base. But the umpires didn’t catch the ball hitting Mazara, and instead saw it as a wild pitch. 

Sox manager John Farrell asked for a review and the umpires went for one, but came back empty-handed. The crew was told, erroneously, that the play could not be looked at and the batter was awarded first base.

“It was just a swinging strike three, ball that go away and he obviously reached first base,” crew chief Alfonso Marquez told pool reporter Tim Britton of the Providence Journal. “The only thing that I can tell you, and the only thing I will say is, this was a replay issue. New York will come out with a statement.”

You could say it worked out just fine. Kimbrel went on to strike out the next three, and got the Sox to 20 Ks.

Kimbrel and Tim Wakefield are the only Red Sox pitchers to fan four batters in a single inning. Wakefield did it in the ninth inning on Aug. 10, 1999. 

Kimbrel did it once before as well, when he was with the Braves on Sept. 26, 2012.

No one has struck out five in a major league inning, although Kimbrel has as good a chance as anyone.

“The guy strikes out the world,” Matt Barnes said. “It’s ridiculous. … His fastball is seemingly unhittable. Complement that with the breaking ball he’s got, which comes right off that same plane, when he’s commanding it like he is, the numbers kind of speak for themselves. It’s kind of ridiculous. It’s fun to watch.”

The Sox have struck out 20 in a nine-inning game three times since 1913. Roger Clemens' two 20-strikeout games are the other two.