Q: Can I stream the Boston Celtics game?

A: If you are a Comcast SportsNet New England subscriber via a participating video provider, and you reside in an area where you are able to view Celtics games on the channel, you will be able to access Celtics content made available through Comcast SportsNet New England’s “TV Everywhere” service after going through an authentication process. Initially, this offering only includes Comcast SportsNet New England’s Celtics telecasts and pre-and post-game shows, which can be viewed both on csnne.com and via the NBC Sports App app (subject to NBA restrictions). If your provider has not yet entered into an agreement with Comcast SportsNet New England to make available TV Everywhere to your provider’s subscribers, you will not be able to authenticate and stream Celtics programming. The TV Everywhere offering is available to all Comcast SportsNet providers, and Comcast SportsNet is working diligently to finalize agreements with its distributors. Please call your participating provider if you are not able to access the TV Everywhere stream of the game.

Q: What is the cost of this service?
A: This service being provided at no additional charge to Comcast SportsNet’s viewers and is an added value for its subscribers via participating video providers.

Q: What is NBC Sports App?
A: NBC Sports App is a streaming platform already available to and being used by authenticated subscribers of NBC and NBCSN. The video player allows subscribers to access streamed coverage of live events and other programming from NBC and NBCSN wherever they are (subject to territorial restrictions) and on any device, including tablets, mobile phones and computers. Now it will also allow authenticated subscribers of Comcast SportsNet New England to access Celtics games as well as pregame and post-game shows on multiple platforms, including on CSNNE.com.

Q: Why am I blacked out?
A: Just as with Comcast SportsNet, availability of Celtics games is subject to NBA territorial blackout restrictions. In addition, authentication (i.e. confirming that you are a subscriber of one of Comcast SportsNet’s participating providers) is required to access NBC Sports App. Please contact us here with specific questions.

Q: How do I verify my video provider account?
A: When prompted, select your video provider from the drop-down menu. Assuming you are a subscriber of a participating provider, you will then be asked to enter your username and password for your provider, similar to when you pay your bill online. Don't forget to check "remember me" so you don't have to log in again. If you don't have an online account with your video provider, or can't remember your username and password, please contact your video provider to learn more. If you already have a username and password from your video provider, you will not need to create a new account. If you have not previously registered an account with your video provider, you will need to do so with a valid email address. Please contact your video provider to learn more.

Q: Why isn't my video provider listed?
A: We are actively working to add additional video providers so that all Comcast SportsNet viewers have access to this service. If your provider is not listed, please contact your provider and express your interest in receiving this service. Check back regularly to see if your provider has been added to the list of participating distributors.

Q: What if I forgot my username and/or password?
A: Most video providers offer a simple way to retrieve or reset your password. Please contact your video provider to learn more.

Q: In addition to Celtics games, what other programming is available to stream via NBC Sports App?
A: Initially, streaming will be limited to Comcast SportsNet New England’s coverage of Celtics Pregame Live and Celtics Postgame Live. The Network will continue to evaluate offering other programming as its rights permit. Please visit us at CSNNE.com/Celtics for our schedule of Celtics broadcasts on Comcast SportsNet New England. For an NBC Sports App event schedule, check the bottom of nbcsports.com/live for this month's live streaming schedule.

Q: I’m an authenticated CSN New England subscriber, but I travel out of town for business. Will I be able to watch the Celtics games online in another city?
A: Yes. You will be permitted to access Celtics’ coverage on CSN New England via CSNNE.com and NBC Sports App when traveling out of your home market, provided you are in the continental U.S.

Q: I saw myself online during a Celtics game! Can I make an online clip or copy of the game broadcast?
A: Any online video you access via NBC Sports App is the exclusive property of the applicable team, league or Comcast SportsNet New England, and is not to be copied for personal use or posted on any public-facing platform, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Please visit this site’s terms of services for more information.

Q: Will Comcast SportsNet New England or NBC Sports have access to my personal information when I subscribe to this service and authenticate via my video provider?
A: Any personal information and data collected from your participation on the online services may be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Cookies and Tracking Technologies Policy, including targeted advertising and tracking information we collect automatically. To learn more about how you can opt-out of targeted advertising, please refer to our Cookies and Tracking Technologies Policy.

Q: Is there CSN or NBC Sports App content available without a video provider subscription?
A: Yes, you can continue to visit www.csnne.com/video or www.nbcsports.com to access certain event clips, highlights, and expert commentary without a video provider subscription.

Technical FAQs

Q: What do I need to watch video on CSNNE.com/CelticsStream?
A: In order to watch any video, you must install the latest version of Adobe® Flash® (supports v10 and above). Adobe® Flash® will provide you with the best viewing experience including HD quality video, DVR controls and much more.
Q: What are the minimum web browser and/or hardware requirements for viewing video on CSNNE.com/CelticsStream?

A: Minimum Browser Compatibility:

  • Internet Explorer 8 (32 or 64-bit) and up

  • Firefox 3.6

  • Safari 5

  • Chrome 16

Internet Requirement:
  • Broadband connection with 500+ Kbps

PC Specific Requirements:
  • Platform: Windows XP (32 or 64-bit)/Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)

  • Processor: 500MHz or faster

  • RAM: 128MB or more

  • Video Card: at least 64MB of video memory

  • Sound Card: at least 16-bit

Mac Specific Requirements:
  • Platform: Snow Leopard or Lion

  • Processor: 1.83MHz Intel Core Duo or faster

  • RAM: 128MB or more

  • Video Card: at least 64MB of video memory

  • Sound Card: at least 16-bit 

Q: Is video on CSNNE.com/CelticsStream available in HD?
A: Yes, this online content is available in HD.
Q: Is it possible to watch the video in full screen?
A: Yes, you can click on the 'full screen' button that is located on the lower right corner of the video player control bar.
Q: What do I do when the video doesn't start, and is showing a spinner or black screen, or an error message?

A: Try the following steps:

  1. Refresh your browser

  2. Upgrade your browser (Older browsers might not be offering you the premium in speed and security to view this content).

  3. If you would like the best viewing experience, we recommend that you upgrade to the most recent version of your browser. You can select from the following supported browsers: 

  • Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • Internet Explorer

  • Safari

  • Update Flash. Our video content is streamed through Adobe® Flash® player. We suggest

  • Before installing Adobe® Flash®, you will need to first uninstall any older versions you currently have running on your computer. To do so, download Adobe's official uninstaller (Make sure to select your correct operating system, and then "Uninstall Flash.")

  • Now that you've uninstalled the older version of Adobe® Flash®, follow Adobe's instructions for reinstalling the most recent version. The download option is on the right-hand side of the page.

  • Once you have downloaded the file, please exit your browser first, and then install the upgraded version of Adobe® Flash® to your computer.

  • Finally, open your browser again and return to the video you wish to view. You should now be able to successfully watch videos.

Q: The video stops playing completely.

A: Try the following steps:

  • Refresh your browser.

  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies. If the browser you're using or a page you're viewing is displaying problems, try to clear the browser's cache. If that doesn't fix the problem, try to clear the browser's cookies.

Q: I cannot hear any audio.

A: Try the following steps:

  • 1. Refresh your browser.

  • 2. If refreshing didn't help, try the following:

  • 2a.Adjust the volume control on your computer and speakers.

  • 2b.Adjust the volume control located in the lower left corner of the Player.

  • 2c. Restart your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

  • 2d.Ensure that the volume is turned up on other video players, such as Quicktime, Real Player, or Windows Media player, as this might affect the video player sound.

  • 3.If you still have no sound when playing the video, you may want to try the steps below (in order):

  • 3a.Install the latest version of Adobe® Flash® after removing any old versions you have installed.

  • 3b.Allow third-party Adobe® Flash® content on your computer:

  • 3c.Visit the Adobe® Flash® Global Storage Settings Panel.

  • 3d.The Adobe® Flash® Player Settings Manager should display.

  • 3e.Check the box labeled: "Allow third-party Adobe® Flash® content to store data on your computer."

  • 3f.To ensure the check is accepted please click one of the tabs at the top of that box and then click back to the (Global Storage Settings Panel). The box should still be checked.

  • 3g. Once this is completed, close all of the browser windows and try re-playing the Live Event.

  • 3h.Check your Antivirus and Firewall software to see if you're blocking third party Adobe® Flash® content.

Q: My video is choppy or it keeps buffering.

A: Try the following steps:

  • 1. Refresh your browser

  • 2. Quit your browser application entirely (Ctrl+Q in Microsoft Windows or Command+Q in Mac OS), quit all other unnecessary applications running on your computer, then restart your browser. Avoid using multiple tabs.

  • 3. If using wireless internet (WiFi), connect directly to your modem or router with an Ethernet cable.

Q: What is Adobe® Flash®?
A: Adobe® Flash® Player is a cross-platform, browser plug-in that provides uncompromised viewing of applications, content, and videos across browsers and operating systems, such as the content you will view on NBCSports.com/NBC Sports App. You can learn more about Adobe® Flash® at www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer.html
Q: I have an older version of Flash installed on my machine. Do I need to upgrade?
A: Yes. The NBC Sports video player uses new features only available in Adobe® Flash® Player 11. Adobe® Flash® is a small download and installs quickly. Adobe® Flash® Player 11 is backwards-compatible with previous versions of the Flash player.
Q: Will I have to restart my browser after installing Adobe® Flash®?
A: Some users will be prompted to restart their browsers if they are upgrading from a previous version of Adobe® Flash®. In most cases, users will not have to restart their web browsers after installing Adobe® Flash® Player 11.
Q: How do I uninstall Adobe® Flash®?
A: See the Adobe® Flash® support page by clicking here
Q: I have run the Adobe® Flash® installation program several times but the website is asking me to install again; what do I do?

A: Some users will not be able to upgrade Adobe® Flash® due to their OS settings. If you are seeing this issue then you should follow these steps:

Q: I am experiencing issues playing video, does it matter that I have blocked 3rd party cookies?

A:Yes, you will need to unblock 3rd party cookies, in order to view video. In current versions of Firefox, for instance, follow these steps:

  • 1. In the Firefox menu bar, go to Tools > Options 

  • 2. In the Options screen, select Privacy

  • 3. Make sure that both "Accept cookies from sites" and "Accept third-party cookies" are checked.

  • 4. In the "Keep until:" dropdown, select either "they expire"or "I close Firefox"

  • 5. Click OK to close the Options screen.

  • 6. Force-reload the page by doing Shift-Reload (Hold down the Shift key on the keyboard, while clicking the Reload button in the browser's button bar.)

  • 7. The videos should now play successfully

Q: I get a "Video not loading" error that doesn't go away, what do I do?

A: Try the following Steps:

  • 1. Check your 3rd party cookies. You need them enabled (in Firefox, Chrome and Safari you set it directly, in IE you need to set a privacy level of "Medium High" or lower)

  • 2. Check to see if you have an anti-virus, anti-malware or other proxy software (such as Net Nanny) running on your machine or corporate/campus network that may be blocking (or impacting) access to the streams.

Mobile/Tablet FAQs
Q: Is there an Mobile or Tablet Application available?
A: Yes, there are two applications available for download on your iPhone, iPod touch or Android handheld device and your iPad or Android tablet device. To see our full mobile application offerings, please check out this link: http://nbcsports.com/live
Q: Will there be a cost to download the NBC Sports Mobile and Tablet Applications?
A: No, all of the mobile and tablet offerings for NBC Sports will be free.
Q: What will be the minimum and optimal operating system requirements for using the Mobile and Tablet Applications?
A: The NBC Sports Mobile and Tablet Applications will support iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices running on iOS 5.0 and above, and select Android handheld and tablet devices running on an operating system of 2.2 and above. To ensure the best user experience, make sure that your device has the most recent operating system.
Q: In the NBC Sports App, the video on my device keeps buffering or is of poor quality. How can I fix this?
A: Watching video is available via a 3G or 4G connection, but to experience the highest quality of video, connect to a WiFi signal. You can also improve your video quality by making sure you have installed the latest operating system onto your device.
Q: When I load the NBC Sports Mobile and Tablet Applications, an error message displays saying I do not have a data connection. What does this mean?
A: If you are receiving an error message stating there is no data connection, make sure you are connected to a 3G, 4G or WiFi network. You can check the status of your connection in the Settings section of your device. Note: If your device is in "Airplane Mode", you will not have a data connection and will need to turn the setting off. Video will work with 3G or 4G connection, however, to experience best video quality connect to WIFI network when available.