Let's try BasEketball instead


Let's try BasEketball instead

By Jon Fucile

With the NBA lockout dragging on many players are starting to get bored. There have been rumors of the players starting their own league, or going overseas or storming countries that have never seen the NBA and scaring the crap out of the locals when a bunch of 7-foot tall guys come walking up to their houses.

But so far none of the rumors have come to fruition.There have been a few charity games starring NBA players and the occasional exhibition game, but nothing worthwhile. Until now!

Inspired by one of the greatest films of all time, many NBA players have come together to play....

More exciting than regular baseball, but none of that running up and down the court that you get in regular basketball. Imagine a league where stars of the past and present can come together and play on the same fieldcourt!

Fans will pack arenas from Las Vegas to Louisville just to get a glimpse of their favorite players standing around and not doing much of anything!

Delonte West can quit his job as the dude who shuts off your gas and get back to shooting key baskets from behind the homerun line!

Instead of trying to psych out players with his ridiculous glare, Kevin Garnett can come up with wacky ways to get the opposition to miss shots!

Even big Dirk can do some of that crazy European stuff they wont allow on American television!

Upset that your favorite players choked again? Express your displeasure when the National Baseketball Association has Dozen Egg Night.

From the crazy new announcers

.to the even crazier mascots.

the National Baseketball Association is sure to be a much bigger hit than the current NBA!

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